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Monday, May 4, 2009


The white Japanese Spitz is my puppy.

this 3 months old goldie is also called Sugar.. she has 2 other giant mongrel dogs Peanut n Butter.

standing up to 1.6m tall! sadly no pictures of them.

see my beautiful lean legs.

superwhite bleached Bolt!

you see the resemblence?

she is Faber, the trainer's dog. i love her to bits! she' l stay still no matter how u toss n turn n tickle n hug n lift her!

the 2 dogs are the white dog's bodyguard.

i love my dog. i get missing pangs when im in school or when shes not in sight. i put her to sleep on my bed with me. but apparently she doesnt feel comfortable. she likes to bite my hair, thinkin its seaweed my mom fed her. i love my dog.

The end

5/04/2009 11:50:00 PM

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

wow. smashing comeback was great with everyone all dressed up. myself as schoolgirl fetish, shazlin as sexy goddess, cheesepie as demure skirty damsel, and wynee as goodie church girl, n sihui like ... hmm. tanktop with vest. idk how to describe. even bryan n edmund.

Because.... we have to set a benchmark on dress sense which every SB students should have!
haha. jk.

and.. most imptly! DBA11 rocks. crazy fusion of dba6+dba7+dba12.
imagine all the loud, lively people together. hohoho.

ill post up pictures soon! im loving school everyday!

SB culture rocks. its like a party everyday!

4/21/2009 10:02:00 PM

Monday, April 20, 2009

The new academic year starts tomorrow, in fact, today, its 8mins past midnight.
no doubt, im feeling really excited about meeting my besties my cliche and my extended cliche and my new classmates.
i have to many things to do and juggle right now.
i have done researches and am ready for whats coming up for marketing option.
but deep down, im still lost. and i don;t know how to put it out in words. i don't know what to say.
as everyday is a different day. im just not so ready yet.

everythings not the same anymore. i feel nervous to try to be so perfect, appearing like the best juggler ever. its too tight.

things are piling up. or am i expecting too much out of myself. im always the one saying okay, compromising for everything to be ok. yes its worth it. but where has my true self gone to? i lost it.
these things ill never say. i am turning into a controlled freak.

its not all about ranting. the fact is, its part of life. i have to accept it. its really time for me to grow up.

since life is like this for me. and i have chosen this path. u don't have to care if im genuinely happy or not.. as long as everything on the surface is fine. ill always be that doormat.

my family, my rs, my friends, my results.

i guess its not too late.
from a wildchild, to a demure damsel.

cmon.. i said ill try my bestest.

4/20/2009 12:10:00 AM

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

awesome meet up with allan n russel. shopping shopping , im happy with my loot.

ok, GP training. im ok and chill with everything.. just the camp songs. they just cant go in!
grrr. but i won't say i cant. ill say, i try my best.

ain't GPs suppose to take up roles as ringleaders?

* rusrusss! pictures. i so want to change my FB profile pic. hehe.

3/18/2009 01:16:00 AM

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i need my dose of retail therapy!
i don't care i don't care. i feel so suppressed. i need to burst out of my constrictions.
i want to do what i want. i will whither soon if i continue to live how i am living now.
i need to grow up , i have to grow up i promised you i will.
i feel so messed up inside its like haywire.
i want to rob a bank.
i want to run away to be alone, OK ill take one person. but ill still secretly contact my best friends.
i want to wear white dresses everyday with pink underwear and camisole inside.
i want to be sexier. help me in this.
i need a doctor. i want that doctor. i will see him.

i am still a girl afterall. this is what u'll see if u flip me inside out.

but its OKie. we still have to get on with life no matter what. rant rant.

there are many people worst off them i am.
so i bought tissue from the handicapped oldman at the mrt station. i feel sad for him. i admire him still having to zest to live life to fullest.
so i am going to too! i will buy again aft i finish the 3 packs. and ill pay more the next time round.=)

3/15/2009 02:13:00 AM


I have no inspiration to blog lately, don't know why. During droughts like this I often think that my blogging time is up and I will slowly rot into obscurity, but so far something else always pops up and everything goes fine again.

Anyway, I haven't been blogging because many much interesting events;things;work; is happening in my life, and so there is nothing to blog about.

The pictures though, have accumulated to a staggering amount - just like my unfolded laundry.
it really contradicts not to upload photos this time round on my PHOTOjournal.

okay, lets start from right aft exams.

highlights were the parties!

urrrrrhhh.. Shazlin n shahris's birthday chalet party. it was pretty fun. not to mention the hiccups. ooooo.. and that was the very 1st time i threw up! it was awful to be wasted. but throught that, i knew who were my true blue bloody real friends. and i swear im goin to stand by them whenever they need me.

next up back to back was Class chalet which turned quite empty with only... half turning up?
again, with odd guestlist, it turned out well eventually. with my physical flexibility, it evolved into mass Yoga session at Wee hours., taboo battles, and.. piling up mattresses on staircase for sliding! woooooo. it was crazy. but hey! ain't it suppose to be fun! something we definitely cant do at home.

cutting out on little details, the entire week next was dedicated to SP freshie enrolment. heck, 8am to 5pm shift. and it got us all totally drained. but it was all worth it. got to bond with union family and ... part time deejaying, and pranking freshies. we don't care. hahaha. full of crap ideas to pass time. but we all enjoyed didnt we?

I Heart Union.

i can;t imagine my coming monday. 8am-1pm union enrolment , 1pm to 3pm SB freshmen prog, 3pm-5pm union enrolment, 5pm to late GP camp training. EXCITING.

i seriously have to find more time for WJ, Allan, cheese, bcy+edmund, KT, russell.

flea mart, thrift store, goodfood hideout, movies, camps, events, programmes, grandma, handphone ills, desires, undone hair, self maintainance.

so many things yet so little time. zomgzomg. half my holiday is already gone!

racing against time.

3/15/2009 01:32:00 AM

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Defamation, section 499 of the Penal Code provides for the offence of criminal defamation. For the prosecution of such an offence, it must be shown that the accused made the publication with the intention to harm the reputation of the defamed person, or knows or has reason to believe that such harm would result.

As simple as that, i hope you look up Penal code 499 before anymore actions.

All i need to do is to lodge a report and invest some time on a lawsuit.

I can definitly afford to play along if you want a game. I wouldn't mind a compensationary sum.

Defamation is a crime, with evidence, and relavant IP address.

2/12/2009 10:53:00 PM

Sunday, February 1, 2009


hey Allan, sry didnt wait for you to get those eyes. i got 4 pack for the price of 2 super promo. so yeah.. grey and brown n black. heh heh. i can sell u one if u want to. =) don't say im not buddy enough ok?

so yeah, explored Sembawang shopping centre with Kiantat on a weeknight i forgot when.
ooo, and it turned out quite comical. i love hearing his intern stories full of pranks.
so aft SSC wld be the spring, and sembawang park, and kite flying and fishing!
so exciting. ive already got my 8weeks holiday packed up. woohoo.

with union freshman orientation, freshman weekend activity, trainings, SB freshman prog,
hmmm oh freshman enrolment.. and..kiantat's kampong activities, allan dates, DBA chalet-coming-soon, Sha&sha's party what else? come fill in more for me! i am so fking excited like a heated molecue.

2/01/2009 09:14:00 PM

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

what is life?

warning: coming up is a post for me to rant out bu bottled content.
if u're going to judge me based on this, then Scram
because THIS IS MY PAGE.

ive been wanting to spill out everything. from how i feel to how things are now.
from relaitonships to my physical state.

currently, its heartwarming to know that im finally out of that dark rough patch with obscure view of my future and status.
everything was so bleak.
i don;t deny it was due to sabotage, and i don't know why. i finally understood human behaviour and emotions more.
ive always thought i was someone who cld hold strong control over emotions. but when all those came flooding in, i was overwhelmed. totally at lost.
i don't deny my egoistic side forced me to stand out to face all odds still, showing no evident emotional fluctuations. it was tough, but its the real me. i do have emo moments underneath my jovial cheerful surface.

i am a true blue cancer. sensitive , highly receptive to changes.
to be frank, its not just school, but family. all these episodes made me think if my existance is important. wld be it better if i disappeaered? wld the world be better off without me?
i don't understand. i secretly fantasized the best way to end everything.
but to think of it, its not worthwhile. ive been living for fking 17yrs, and im finally turning 18.
i have so mnay unfufilled fantasies. i want to do so many things, i want to experience life to fullest. i want to enjoy my life since its the gift of god. why'd i wanna end his wonderful creation of me?

its getting gospel, but im free in thinking, i believe what goes around comes around.
i ain;t a stornch in any belief.

rant a tant-tant. again, im confused whats going on with my physical state. i did nothing, and lifes just as normal. ive lost weight tremendously, in a matter of weeks. its like losing 1kg every 2 days.. i don't know. ive lost like.. 5kg still counting everyday. i look outstandingly , i say outstandingly pale with no touch ups. i think i am healthy. its alarming. ive nv experienced this. ive also lost my zest for gourmet, and u know, urge. lets emphasise again, what's life without food and urges? u tell me.

urgh. this is getting frustrating. forget abt it, let it be lost. i don't give a mtherfking damn abt it.
ive much more impt thigns to attend to. right now, i want to study, find love from everybdy, and fidn more reasons to love myself. i have to be a narcissist.

to end my conclusion, this is life when ur at the bottom. its like a business cycle.
you start off with nothing then u hike up to the peak, then tumble to a recession, and the bottom pit which is the trough. and u realise everything's not going well, u remedify it, u get back on track for recovery. finally, back to peaK and this cycle goes on and on and on until your last breath.

uve got no reason not to believe this.

oh well, everything's fine now. today, is the day, i feel love vibes from everyone again.
theres nothing else i can say. i am not the sort who'l forget u once we get in touch lesser. i do bother to maintain relationships. i cherish everybody who once walked into my life.

1/28/2009 10:20:00 PM

Sunday, January 25, 2009

quick post.

so many things happened. many things to do yet so little time!

ok a quick recap.

finally, confessed to Mr Sin. told him i saw him as a father figure, only if he cld talk economics lulluby to make me sleep everynight.

more filming sessions! back to nigel's plc, this time with his Mom. she's nice to offer us so much food n drinks to fill us up b4 set!

urgh, then edmund-Leon had to slap me-joanne repetitively . i think.with many NGs. u know, the kind whereby he slaps hard til i have to land on the ground. now im covered with bruises.


had quick shoppin with cheesepie-wanting. ookay, i crashed her date actually.. and it turned out awesome. bought nike aready 40% off shorts ,topped up with my $30 birthday vouchers. paying only 60cents in the end. wad a good buy!

then shoes. white patent sports to match my Stellas. im so excited.

to add on, cheesepie's an ideal shopping partner. she can find size tt is right for ya from stacks of boxes and heaps of garments! ideal salesgirl too. go into retail option ok. u can make it big. HAHAHA.

1/25/2009 12:42:00 AM

yes, Mr. DIRECTOR's approved proposal.

FOM was a breeze with jiahui jocelyn edmund n jj.
had lots of fun during research, promotions, and sunday meetups!

aww. i love this group combi. its really the best !

missing of jiahui and jj.

oh cmon, wld u buy?
>90% of respondents said they would with customisation and trade-in.
I certainly will.

1/25/2009 12:29:00 AM

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life is all about flu and Hiccups.

perhaps.. hickeys too?
haha jk.

had my reunion dinner with paternal family today. exactly a week earlier. so i can celebrate actual with my family. u know.. mother..

aft tt, wenton nostalgic car ride with papa. shared many interesting childhood adventures of him when he was young.

oh, and discovered that my family tree actually extends out to msia, aussie, antartica and holland! wow.

didnt know i have angmoh cousins until i saw pictures. gagaga.

heh, and now i finally understand why ppl always say my grandpa generation's very scandalous. cz my granddad and his brothers are REALLY SERIOUSLY FKING HANDSOME. with sharp defined features, and super stylo milo hair. hahaha.
like modern days MODELS posing on motorbike.

me:'' who is this handsome young man?? i like eh..''
papa: '' uhh.. your grandfather's brother. ''


then shopping with edmund. i promised i wld shop with ya. and i did, like your mommy.

im feeling ecstatic with my amazing finds!
jockey-alike British-India, and HELLOLULU lappy bag!

garments are all about material, seaming and comfort.

confucious says:
don't be afraid of people misunderstanding you,
be afraid of you misunderstanding people instead.

1/18/2009 11:26:00 PM

Thursday, January 15, 2009

today started off well with homework@ 6am in the morning.
followed by Econs with Mr Sin.
he's a rather humorous man with a square mind.
when asked what i name my new toy elephant, he paused and thought. '' Jumbo!''

oh well.. fyi. im a very generic person. i name my toys, pets, stuff with generic names.
'' Elephant''
that simple. hahaha. only edward got it.

rushed off to cont FOM proj final touchups, its time to get our props ready!!
im really really happy elated ecsatic full of joy that we sucessfully had our 1st ever chronoplastic swatch poster printed!! yay! on high glossed photo paper. cool eh. *credits to jiahui's pop disc card*

2nd half of the day was spent at Qifa Primary school!
went there to be a tutor-teacher-mentor for the 1st time! woohoo.
very happy that my initially very tired worn out bored mentee liked my teaching style!
taught her ahead of syllabus too. hohoho. i can sign up with MOE.

she was really small for a P5.. looking like a P2.
you know, very skinny, small indian girl.
taught her eng, math science.
she was rather weak in her vocabulary, hence the only way was to use dramatic storyline, actions and intonations to catch her attention for her to understand.
yeah... very very fufilling task.

other mentors looked at me as if i was mentally unsound. hahaha

how do you explain '' cry over spilt milk'' between ''cry into spilt milk'' and ''cry on spilt milk'' and ''cry out spilt milk'' ???

idioms are hard to explain. hence, '' u read more books, ull understand when u grow up'' -.-

happy to meet new community of Mentoring club members! ive extended my network again!everybody there is nice and passionate! woohoo

1/15/2009 12:37:00 AM

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

schoolgirl fetish

woohoo. CRS is finally over!
we;re still goin to celebrate thoough it sucked big time.
we're told to be the worst group ever with little research, really started only the day before presentation. whahaha.

have so mnay more impt things to do. at this point of time, every SB student will learn to be terrific jugglers! hoho.
down to 7 projects!

to add on, i wanna thank SITI nurulfah jiejie for letting me RIP her circus. aww/..
stupid russell, i still found a way to circumvent your restriction! hohohoho.

heh, ppl must have thought i used to be some stupid TemasekJ dropout.....
our issue was justifying the difference in treatment between poly n jc students.
the funniest part was, with only 1 set of uniform, jerry,mara and jingya had to gang up like poly mafia to bully me just because i stared. -.- know its qte loser,, but it contributed to some entertainment.
are you guilty?
i feel that you're miserable feeble and pathetic.

1/13/2009 03:37:00 PM

Sunday, January 11, 2009

its been a week!
term4 is really overwhelming everyone.
you see mood indicators going up and down and down.

im glad to know new awesome people from MediaComm.
we must gather everyone to party tog someday. tt 8weeks holi ok.

i cant wait for SHA&SHA's. its just too grand! lets all puke the night away!

8 projects on hand now.
lets collate:

1: Marketing
2: Critical reasoning skills
3: CD
4: Itab II
5: unfinished AD
6: SPSU freshman orientation weekend activity
7: SPSU freshman orientation
8: SB Freshman programme

its all taking over me. too many things , too little time.
also, im too busy to care what people think about me anymore.
Only retail therapy works for me.
lets so shopping! Stella mccartney here i come! next stop is Y3!
race to riches baby.

esp you, i know you are the malicious one. you want a piece of me? we shall play fetch.
i've been observing you.

1/11/2009 11:47:00 PM


Y 19th July 1991

Y Singapore Poly
Y Dip. Business Admin
Y Students' Union Finance Committee
Y SPBP mentoring

Y Ex-Whitleyan 4e1'07
Y Ex-MCS 6A'03

I'm funny!
I'm funky!
i love to extend my helping hand,
Have so much love for
every living thing,
Love my friends and family,
Living a happy
and fulfilling life.

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